These two technologies are simple, effective and provides a degree high performance and reliability. But a number of problems arise when applications need to be integrated using different types of messages, this happens frequently when desired queue management building complex software systems by interconnecting systems older software. For solving problems in the integration of complex software systems can use technology known as middle ware messages. To better understand the type of problems that may arise in the integration of software systems complex will show a further example of integration. Consider queue management in singapore a company that has various software systems in which customer data is inserted. Each of the four systems common data stores and unique data about customers that are not stored by other systems.

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In addition, each system uses a recording format different from the format used by other systems, field names are different from one system to another (ex.: a system used to address addresses called customer field, while the other uses the same information for a field named location). Updating customer data for each system provides an api queue management system in hospital library. The company holds for software system that wants to develop a web application enabling customers to update their data online. Thus, data entered into web application must be submitted by all four systems. Communication uses message queues to communicate between software systems. Thus, web application for each update will have to create a message that is understood by all four systems software and send this message to the four systems through a message queue.

Each of four software systems whose data will be updated through a message queue interface dedicated software component. Component performing interfacing role being to read message from the queue and the appropriate format so that it can be saved in database api library using the corresponding software system that performs interfacing. The solution described queue management in singapore above has the following implications: if common message format (used by web application) is amended, then all four message transformation components which are to be modified to understand the new format messages. When changing the api library of one of the four systems, the only component appropriate that system will be modified. Changing a transformation requires coordination with the development team in charge of appropriate software system transformation that changes.

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Another solution could be that the web application to send messages formatted ready by the four systems software. In this queue management system in hospital way software systems will use direct message sent without the necessary formatting's. The main disadvantage of this solution is that the web application will be consist of the logical formatting of messages is prone to changes and thus when one of systems with which it communicates the message format changes. A third solution involves using a message to communicate between the web application and the four software systems whose data should be updated. From an architectural point of view it is a design pattern that contains a component that decouples server customers mediating communication between them. Similarly, a message expand the capabilities of a message queue so allow embedding logic of the system software.

In the example considered logic incorporated into refers to the conversion of messages from the format used by the web application formats recognized four software systems (fig.). Fig.. Using a messaging to communicate between the web application and the four systems. Use messaging application provides a web of full decoupling four of which must communicate the change to see more a customer data. The web application creates and sends a single message by, which converts the message so that it is understood by each of the four systems. There was thus obtained an architecture in which the components are highly interconnected. This interconnection is determined by the need to agree on the format of the message through which is communicating.